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Zebra Z-Select 2000D (880170-076) White Labels 102mm x 76mm - 4 x Rolls of 1890 Labels (Original)


  • Tape Colour: White
  • Laminated: No
  • Unique Feature: Permanent Adhesive
  • Number: 880170-076


The Zebra paper label is a direct thermal premium, top-coated, ultra-smooth paper label with a permanent rubber adhesive. Recommended for product and sample labelling and has good performance at low temperatures for applications such as chilled food labelling. We do not recommend for applications involving long-term exposure to sunlight or extreme heat.


Z-Select materials feature a protective topcoat, which provides the following benefits over an equivalent uncoated material (e.g. Z-Perform) it also has excellent print quality and definition, faster print speeds, improved print head life, resistance to moisture, oils and other environmental factors.
Adhesive carries excellent low-temperature resistance. Not recommended for applications involving long-term exposure to sunlight or extreme heat
Adhesive complies with European food regulation EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and BfR Recommendation XXI for direct contact with dry and moist, non-fatty foodstuffs. It also complies with FDA 175.105 for direct contact with dry foodstuffs.
Recommended for applications such as shelf edge labelling, product and price labelling in retail applications, chiller and freezer applications, product identification, sample labelling in healthcare, shipping, picking and receiving labels in warehousing applications, box and pallet labelling

Zebra Z-Select 2000D (880170-076) Original White Labels

SKU: 880170-076
£120.00 Regular Price
£72.00Sale Price
  • Datasheet - 800263-105

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