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VWR® Traceable®, Triple-Display Thermometers with Platinum Probe


Used Equipment - RRP £129.00


The VWR® Traceable® Triple-Display Thermometer with Platinum Probe is an essential tool for accurate temperature measurement in medical, laboratory, hospital, and diagnostic settings. The platinum probe ensures high precision and reliability in temperature readings, making it the ideal choice for critical applications. This thermometer features a triple display that shows high, low, and current temperatures simultaneously, allowing for quick and easy monitoring of temperature fluctuations. With a wide temperature range and accuracy to within 0.05°C, this thermometer is suitable for a variety of medical and laboratory applications. The built-in memory function and data hold feature make it convenient for recording and documenting temperature measurements.


  • Displays exact time and date when an alarm is triggered, alarms are programmable in 0,1 °C increments
  • Monitor minimum and maximum readings and displays exact time and date when maximum and minimum temperatures occurred for both probes
  • Triple-display shows current, minimum and maximum temperatures
  • High and low user-settable alarms (visual and audio)


Chemical-resistant, waterproof sensor/non-toxic glycol bottle probes. Cable length: 3 metres.


Certifications: Solution recognised as safe by the FDA. Calibration compliant with ISO/IEC 17025, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and 9001.


Due to the nature of the product, it is not returnable - Please see our returns policy


VWR® Traceable®, Triple-Display Thermometers with Platinum Probe

SKU: 620-1823
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